3 Reasons Why Car Subscriptions Are Better Than Ride-hailing?

Today’s world has seen a drastic shift in consumer expectations of services. With the constant advancement of technology, consumers have come to demand speed, convenience and flexibility. The recent pandemic has also propelled businesses into innovating ways to ensure safe distancing and personal hygiene to curb the spread of the virus.

Ride-hailing has been a popular mode of transport in recent years. It is convenient and fast in most cases and has the flexibility of getting you anywhere around our sunny island. However, private transportation has its benefits that you should consider.

1. Safe & Hygienic

Safe distancing and personal hygiene are more vital than ever during this pandemic. Private transportation gives peace of mind as there is no need to worry about sharing a ride with other strangers, i.e. the driver, previous passengers, etc.

2. Saves Time

You can take control of your own time. Ride-hailing has the risks of the driver being late, or the driver cancelling on your ride.

3. Comfortable

The car is your personal space without the need to worry about encroaching into the space of others and vice versa. There is also no need to wait out in the hot and humid weather for a car to arrive.

We understand that owning a car has its liabilities and require a large cash flow. Introducing ST33R, a fully app-based car subscription service targeted to bring you the convenience of having a private car without the hassle and costs of buying one.

While car subscriptions are still new, it may be the next big trend in the transport industry. It is a quicker and more affordable way of acquiring a car and takes away the need for hefty down payments that come with buying a car.

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