Following the Trend: Car Subscription is the Next Big Thing

As technology advances globally, our lifestyles have changed to one of agility. Today’s consumer has come to expect speed, convenience and flexibility for our products and services. The automotive industry is no different; with the accelerated shift towards a digital mentality, it is changing the way we consume services. Following the footsteps of streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, we came out with a car subscription model that offers consumers with the flexibility to drive their dream car anytime.

Introducing ST33R – a fully app-based car subscription service targeted to bridging the gap between today’s consumer and the ease of having a car.

This car subscription model is one where consumers simply need to pay a fixed monthly fee, and they can have their pick of different car types, brands and models. They can exchange the cars for newer models, or depending on their specific needs at that time, at specified intervals.

It is perfectly suited for those who prefer low commitment, where car subscriptions are shorter than a lease or purchase and have a flexible tenure, unlike car sharing or typical car rental. Furthermore, there is no down payment needed, and the costs are predictable. This fixed monthly rate includes the fundamental obligations that car ownership entail, such as insurance, maintenance, repair, tyre changes and taxes.

Following the trend of a digital-first mentality, ST33R is where consumer experience from start-to-end is on an app. When consumers are looking for a new car to drive, it is as easy as accessing the app, looking for the vehicle that they want and booking it online. The car will then be delivered to their front door on the day that they have specified. Having this service to be fully app-based allows consumers to search and book their dream car anytime, anywhere.

With obvious benefits such as cost transparency, flexibility and convenience, more and more consumers are switching to, or interested in switching to car subscription services.

22% of a market research group in Singapore has said that they are interested in using subscription-based automotive services.¹ 

ST33R’s primary demographic is millennials, where they are used to and prefer the online user experience. Other target consumers include young families, those with a project-based workplace where cars are not needed all the time, or where different projects demand different types of vehicles.

With the flexibility and convenience of changing cars, the car subscription model will also appeal to car enthusiasts, who would grab this opportunity to change premium cars whenever a new one is in the market.

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